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Phone: 212.203.3118
Email: DrRiordan@live.com

Dr. Riordan

Dr. Robert Riordan is a licensed clinical psychologist who provides therapy and counseling services to individual adults, as well as therapy and mediation services to couples.

In the context of a confidential environment, he works with adults struggling with interpersonal conflict, self-esteem issues, anxiety and depression, social isolation, difficult life transitions and grief/loss.

Further, he works with couples who are in crisis as the result of poor communication, financial stressors, the challenges of parenthood and/or extraordinary events, such as infidelity.

As a former corporate attorney for over a decade for one of the world's leading law firms, Dr. Riordan has considerable experience working with high-achieving individuals. Further, as the result of his years of legal experience, Dr. Riordan has extensive mediation experience.

At this time, Dr. Riordan sees patients five days a week. In order to accomodate busy professionals, he has a limited number of Sunday evening appointments.

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